URL Adapter

URL Adapter is the next generation URL Builder and URL Rewriting engine for DotNetNuke. It is fast, reliable, with an amazingly simple and modern administration console and it is powered by our fanatical support scheme.

Whether you are optimizing your DNN website for the first time, reacting to a change in the way people search, or are forced to do it for other reasons, URL Adapter will help you keep your URL structure tidy, maintain a solid internal linking architecture and retain your link equity.

URL Adapter is a great way to improve your SEO (search engine optimization) because it is automatically rewriting your DotNetNuke URLs to SEF (search engine friendly) URLs. All the rewritten URLs are customizable and it has many configurations for further URL rewriting.

Click here to download it ! To find more about DotNetNuke URL rewriting, visit the official DNN wiki page!


Our support staff is friendly and always available to help you. Engage us on our community platform.

For further details and downloads, please visit the link below: URL Adapter - Meaningful friendly URLs.