Date And Time

This component consists of 2 subcomponent UI widgets: one for the date and one for the time selection process.

Allows users to select date and/or time. On submit, this field will generate the following tokens: FieldName, [FieldName:Date], [FieldNameDay], [FieldName:Month], [FieldName:Year], [FieldName:DayOfMonth], [FieldName:DayOfYear], [FieldName&:Time], [FieldName:Hour], [FieldName:Minute], [FieldName:Iso]

Display mode

The filed has multipe display options which can be selected from the Admin as follows: DatePicker display modes

  • Clickable Textbox (default mode) - which shows on the form just a textbox; when clicked, the textbox will open the datepicker in popup in order for the date/time to be selected from the date picker control.

  • Inline - this option will display the entire date picker control inline on your form.

    Inline was added in Action Form 5.0.420 Datepicker display inline setting

  • Textbox with button - this option is considered a more manual mode of the datepicker and when using it we recommend to always add a validator; it is a textbox in which the user can type date/time but which also has an attached button that when clicked will open the date picker control in a popup.

    Textbox with button was added in Action Form 5.0.580 Datepicker display inline setting


  • DateTime Picker Type
    • Date and Time
    • Date
    • Time
  • DateTime Format

    • Optionally, provide a custom date/time format, the default format is MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm. Leave empty to take the server locale default format.
  • Other Options for Datepicker (JSON)

    • Optionally provide a JSON object with other options to pass into the Date Picker options. For example, write { showWeeks: true }, please check the documentation.

Note that when the Date and Time field is initialized with a value(a date), the custom date needs to respect the specified format(MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm) or you must set the format of the field to your date’s format.