Load Entities (SQL)

Load a list of entities from a SQL query into context; so further actions like execute actions on entity list will know to execute given actions for each entity, and expose the entity properties as tokens. A common scenario is to send an email to a list of leads. Note that this action also creates a [EntityName:Count] token that holds the total number of entities that were loaded.

  • SQL Query - SQL to execute. Can contain My Tokens.
  • Entity Name - set a name for the entity so you can reference it later by name. Can contain My Tokens.
  • Properties - map columns returned by the SQL Query to properties of the entity.

    SQL Column - column name
    Entity Property - property that can be referenced later ([EntityName:PropertyName])

  • On Error - define a list of actions to run on error. Otherwise, an error message is returned. It will contain the underlying error if debug mode is on.