PayPal AddOn

  • Collect Credit Card Payments With PayPal Right On Your DNN Portal

    Build a digital commerce platform that will let you introduce new business models such as subscriptions and create a positive, integrated payment experience.

  • Start Selling Immediately

    Define your business rules and set the foundation for online revenues - quickly and easily

  • Optimize Purchase Flows

    The Add-on helps you to customize the buying experience and checkout processes to optimize conversion rates

  • Ridiculously Easy Setup

    Action Form provides the configuration and processing functionality necessary for the Add-on to work

  • Credit Card Payments

    With DNN PayPal Add-on you can easily accept credit card payments directly on your DNN portal.

  • Express Checkout Option

    Streamline the checkout process and keep your customers on your DNN portal after making a purchase.

  • No Redirect

    DNN PayPal Add-on doesn’t take your customers off your DNN portal. The payment step happens seamlessly on your website.

  • Recurring Payments

    You can collect payments monthly or yearly with auto-renewing payment periods, allowing you to sell products and services that require recurring billing like subscriptions, dues and donations.

  • Credit Card Transaction Type

    DNN PayPal Add-on allows you to choose between Sale, Order, and Authorization transaction types.

  • Support for Multiple Currencies

    If you serve broad geographic regions, then you can benefit greatly by letting your customers pay in their local currency, such as: USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, NZD, GBP.

  • Sandbox Mode

    Test out your payments without having to pull out your credit cards and void charges over and over again while tweaking your forms.

  • Easily Customizable

    You are not limited to default fields in the template. If the available templates don’t suit your needs, you can select which extra data to pass to PayPal.

  • Conditional Action

    You can write a condition that will determine at submit time whether the PayPal actions will get executed or not.