Breaking changes

Custom CSS or Templates

From time to time we change things that requires you to update your custom templates after updating SearchBoost. We try our best to minimize the hassle of having your own custom templates but sometimes there is no other way.

Breaking changes for custom templates:

  1. When upgrading to version 3.01.99: you have to update output custom templates if you want to use Allow User Sort. You should add class sort-sb-results to the <div class="btn-group..." after “sorted by”.

  2. When upgrading from SearchBoost 2.x to SearchBoost 3.x:
  3. Either switch to a template supported in 3.0 and reapply your custom css.
  4. Or manually apply the following changes (in templateFolder/main.xsl & css files): 1. Rename CSS classes: searchBox to search-box and searchBtn to search-btn. (and, of course, rename custom css). 2. Remove javascript functions: sbInp_clearPlaceholder, sbInp_syncPlaceholder and any reference to them(onfocus="sbInp_clearPlaceholder(this);" onblur="sbInp_syncPlaceholder(this)) 3. Remove ..... if you have a template with a button. 4. Use placeholder attribute. Add under <input type="text" class="searchBox"... > :
<xsl:attribute name="placeholder">
            <xsl:value-of select="empty" />

You can remove:

<xsl:attribute name="data-empty">
            <xsl:value-of select="empty" />

Add this in order to have in the input box the search term:

<xsl:attribute name="value">
            <xsl:value-of select="init" />

Breaking Changes When Upgrading from SearchBoost 2

Please check out the following list of things that will be changed when upgrading from version 2.x to 3.x:

  • If site search is patched the website will crash (because of skins).
    This is because the module folder has changed. To fix: edit all skin ascx files that use Search Boost and change path from /DekstopModules/SearchBoost to /DesktopModules/DnnSharp/SearchBoost.
  • Old templates are no longer supported.
    Instead we have 6 nicer input templates and we have changed some things. If you have customized templates please check below Breaking changes (custom css or templates).

For developers and custom integrations:

  • Index is Now Per Instance
    Each instance has its own index, as opposed to 2.x where all instances where stored in the same index. If you coded directly against the lucene index, make sure to adjust accordingly.
  • Architecture and Interface Changes
    Search Boost comes with a whole new architecture. This means that many interfaces have changed, so if you have made your own plugins and linked to avt.SearchBoost.Core.dll, you’ll have to update the plugins as well.