Repeat (For loop / While loop)

Added in modules released after June 11th 2019 (Action Form 5.0.585+)

The Repeat action will help you execute a set of actions in a loop. It can act as:

  • either a For loop - repeat for a given number of times
  • or a While loop - repeat while condition is met (until condition evaluates to false)
  • or a For with break loop - repeat for a given number of times as long as the codition evaluates to true

depending on the settings provided.

If the While Condition evalues to false the loop will stop even if it did not finish executing the number of specified steps (Repetitions). The same applies when a final action is executed(like Display toast and stop execution or Display message)

Providing a base token name is mandatory for the loop to work and you will know the current step of the execution (repetition numer) which is stored in the [BaseTokenName:CurrentLoopNumber] token.

Repeat action FOR WHILE loop