Debugging - Common fixes for various issues with SearchBoost

Files from Document Exchange (DMX) are not indexed by SearchBoost

  1. The file type is not checked to be indexed by SearchBoost. Go to SearchBoost Studio - Document Search - File Types and check the desired file types. Make sure you save the changes and reindex.
  2. The DMX Integration add-on is not installed. Go to Host - Extensions and make sure the “avt.SearchBoost.DmxIntegration” is installed.
  3. The DMX folder is not set to be indexed. Go to SearchBoost Studio - Content Sources - Portal X - Folders and check if the “Document Exchange (DMX)” is checked.
  4. Check if the DMX config was added on install. It must be on the following path: DesktopModules\DnnSharp\SearchBoost\Config\ContentSources, file “DmxContentSource.json.config”:

Jobs are kept in queue, but nothing is indexed

Make sure Schedulers are set-up:

  • Go to Host - Schedule - Settings and make sure Scheduler Mode is not disabled;

  • Go to Host - Schedule and check if “Search Boost - Indexer” is enabled;

  • If the scheduler is enabled, click on the pencil icon (Edit) on the left and press “Run Now”;
  • Go to Schedule Status and check if indexer schedule is running.