EasyDNNnews Add-on

This add-on works as a helper for those who want to Add, Edit or Publish articles that can be rendered/shown with the Easy DNN News module developed by EasyDNNSolutions.

When installed, the add-on comes with 4 predefined Action Form templates that allow you to:

  • Post Simple Article (title, description)
  • Post Complete Article (title, subtitle, categories, summary, desription, publish date and time, expire date, article image)
  • Post Event Article with Daily Recurrence
  • Post Simple Event Article

but you are not limited to using only these templates.

You can also create your custom forms to make use of the actions that come with the add-on in order to achieve the desired functionality.

Starting with EasyDNNnews Add-on version 5.0.22 you need to use EasyDNNNews module version 10 or newer; for older EasyDNNNews module versions you need to use the add-on with maximum version number 5.0.13