Google Maps - Location picker (Map Marker)

Added in Action Form 5.0.526, the field will allow you to:

  • create/collect/store
  • display

location markers on a Google Map based on coordinates (latitude and longitude). Google Maps Location Picker

The field allows you to set:

  • map center method (based either on user Geolocation or provided latitude/longitude location)
  • map zoom level Location picker map settings

On submit, the field generates a list of tokens which include data as following:

  • all field data as JSON: [<fieldname>]
  • map marker position as latitude and longitude: [<fieldname>:lat], [<fieldname>:long]

The field can also be used to display marker or multiple markers on a map based on values provided in the markers area of field’s settings as seen below.

Field settings Field on website
Google Maps Multiple Location Markers