On this page you can find a complete guide on how to Install InfoBox.

You can download the latest version from InfoBox Download Page. While you are on that page, you can also check the changelog to see what’s new.

In order to install InfoBox module on your DNN website, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Begin by logging into your DNN site with host account;
  2. From the Host Menu option select Extensions;
  3. In the Extensions module menu, click on Install Extension Wizard button;
  4. On the Upload New Extension Package page, click on Choose File button;
  5. Select the InfoBox package you previously downloaded on your hard drive, then click on Open;
  6. Click on Next, accept the license, continue through the install. If all goes well, you will get a list of messages with “EndJob Installation Successful” at the bottom. When all is finished, click on Return button.

And that’s pretty much all about the installation; the next step is to activate the module from production or if you try a demo, you have to unlock the trial for 30 days - these two options are displayed as a warning message at the bottom of the module after it has been added on a page.

Add InfoBox Module on Your Page.

InfoBox is shipped with two modules:

avt.InfoBox - with this you can create Guides for all your pages avt.InfoBox.GuideMenu - used to open your created Guides In the steps below, we are going to show you how to add InfoBox on a page.

  1. When the page you work on is opened, select the Modules option from the top menu, click on the Add New Module option;
  2. Find avt.InfoBox and with Drag&Drop option add the module to your page;
  3. Now you have installed InfoBox Module on your page.

Important! Note that you will need to unlock the 30 Day trial or Activate for Production before you are able to see this screen.