Redirect PHP Pages

##How to redirect PHP pages to DNN

This process is similar to the process of redirecting .html to .aspx pages:

In Custom URLs, go to your new page to see the existing aliases. We have the following:

URL Adapter: /about-us/employment -- Default
DNNFriendlyUrl: /AboutUs/Employment -- Alternative URL

We’re going to redirect the old page /about_employment.php to the new page /about-us/employment just by adding to the Custom URL /about_employment.php, and set it to “Disabled”. This tells the old “Disabled” .php page to go to the “Default” page. Be carefully to add the extension type for the Custom URL.

Firstly, you have to make sure that the .php extensions are handled by the ASP.NET handler, if not, IIS would either throw a 404 error or call the php handler. In this case, the DNN websites and URL Adapter don’t get to execute.

Like it was the case with the .html page, the solution is to try to map .php files to aspx handler. This can be done in IIS.