Browser Information

This is probably the most versatile type of redirect available in Redirect Toolkit. There are two sides of this redirect:

  • Browser Information (name, version, declared capabilities, etc)
  • Device Detection - Problem with this the lack of a standard where devices would just send a flag (saying I’m a device) to the server. So it’s up to the server to somehow figure out if the call was made by a mobile device.

There are two methods used to detect mobile devices:

  • Database method - User agent string is tested against a database with all devices that exist in the world; this method is the safes one but adds a heavy footprint to the application
  • The regular expression method implies matching known parts of the user agent string. This is the method that Redirect Toolkit uses and further more it provides a mechanism to extend the detection with new devices. This is done by adding your own regular expressions to file /DesktopModules/avt.RedirectToolkit/MobileDeviceRegEx.xml or let us know about the device and will get it included in the core regular expression.


Following properties are supported:

  • Browser Name & Version
  • Browser Name
  • Browser Version
  • Browser String
  • OS Platform
  • Mobile Device Model
  • Mobile Device Manufacturer
  • Is Mobile Device
  • Is Search Engine Web Crawler
  • Are Cookies Supported
  • Is JavaScript Supported
  • Are HTML Frames Supported
  • Is Any IE
    • ..Is IE6
    • ..Is IE7
    • ..Is IE8
  • Is Firefox
  • Is Safari
  • Is Opera
  • Is Chrome
  • Language
  • Language (English Name)
  • Language (Locale Code)
  • Are Ads Blocked (works on 2nd visit)