Introduction - SharpCDN

SharpCDN is the first and only module for DNN platform that will drastically increase the website’s speed using the power of a worldwide CDN.
SharpCDN is powered by the amazingly fast Amazon CloudFront network services, with datacenters located worldwide.

Here’s some of the key benefits of our SharpCDN:

  • Powered by Amazon CloudFront. CloudFront is the most powerful and popular CDN for serving static content;
  • Increased Server Performance. The CDN frees the web server from delivering static files, increasing performance by up to 60%;
  • Realtime CDN Refresh. As soon as your website files change, Sharp CDN knows to propagate them instantly across the globe;
  • Minify CSS and JavaScript files. Sharp CDN can automatically minify CSS and JavaScript files to save bandwidth;
  • Exclude files from minification. Some JavaScript files do not handle minification well so they should be excluded from minification;
  • Exclude bots and custom domains. This gives you to ability to load files locally when website is accesed by a bot or crawler;
  • Compress JPEG images. Sharp CDN can better compress JPEG images to save bandwidth;
  • Fallback to Local Files. If CDN goes down (which should never happen) or your quota is exceeded, Sharp CDN falls back to serve the files as before from local server;
  • Free Tier. Sharp CDN is free for everybody to use for up to 500 page views per month.