What is Portal Management Add-on?

In short, Portal Management integrates Page Actions, Module Actions, and also has some extra Portal Actions. From now on, you can manage your pages, modules, and portals with this “know-it-all” add-on. Using Portal Management you can perform the following actions:

  • define permissions for specific users to add, update, load/delete modules, and page actions
  • load a DNN page and module into an Action Form by a specific user
  • delete a module or a page
  • update a DNN page and module
  • create a DNN page and module
  • add, update, load, or delete a DNN module based on a new registered user in complex workflows
  • write conditions that will determine at submit time whether the actions related to DNN Module Actions will get executed or not
  • load/update the entire content - or just a part of it - from an HTML module
  • do all of the above in a responsive way.

Minimum requirements

  • .NET 4.5+
  • SQL 2012+
  • DNN 8.0.4+

Compatibility with our products

Portal Management is compatible with our most powerful and complex products, so you can create various scenarios with the following modules:

  • Action Form (3.8.195+); (recommended 5.X.XXX+)
  • Action Grid (4.0.118+); (recommended 5.X.XXX+)
  • Infobox (1.1.45+); (recommended 5.X.XXX+)
  • Sharp Scheduler (2.1.45+); (recommended 5.X.XXX+)
  • Dnn API EndPoint (1.2.54+). (recommended 5.X.XXX+)

As long as you already own one of the above modules, you can install the Portal Management add-on using the DNN installer and you’re all set. For this add-on, you must use .NET 4.5+, SQL 2012+ and DNN 8.0.4+. It is compatible with Action Form (3.8.195), Action Grid (4.0.118), Infobox (1.1.45), Sharp Scheduler (2.1.45), Dnn API EndPoint (1.2.54). (recommended version 5.X.XXX for all compatible products)