Date (with Month/Year Picker)

Show month and year dropdowns in place of the static month/year header to facilitate navigation through large timeframes.


  • Initial Value

    • Determines which date is_ initially selected_. Supports My Tokens so you can pull data from various sources such as [DateTime:Now].
  • Year Range

    • The range of years displayed in the year drop-down: either relative to today’s year (“-nn:+nn”), relative to the currently selected year (“c-nn:c+nn”), absolute (“nnnn:nnnn”), or combinations of these formats (“nnnn:-nn”).
  • Date Format

    • Optionally, provide a custom date format, for example dd/mm/yy. Leave empty to take the server locale default format.
  • Other Options for jQuery UI Datepicker (JSON)

    • Optionally provide a JSON object with other options to pass into the jQuery Date Picker control. For example, write

      { beforeShowDay: $.datepicker.noWeekends } to disable selecting weekends.

Common JSON Examples:

  • To disable the weekends from the date picker, write in the Other Options for jQuery UI Datepicker (JSON) field:

{beforeShowDay: $.datepicker.noWeekends}

  • To enable days beginning with the system date:

{minDate: 0}

  • To enable days between the system date and a certain date (e.g. until the 25th of August 2014):

{minDate: -0, maxDate: '08/25/2014'}

  • To enable one month, starting with the current day, without weekends:

{beforeShowDay: $.datepicker.noWeekends,

minDate: 0,

maxDate: 30}

  • To disable all dates except Sundays: (Where 0=Sunday, 1=Monday … 6 = Saturday)


beforeShowDay: function(date) {

var day = date.getDay();

return [(day == 0), ''];}