Minimum Requirements

URL Adapter works on DotNetNuke 6.0+, either it’s the Community or one of the Professional editions. It needs IIS6+ with ASP.NET 4.0+ and SQL Server 2000+ (including the MSDE or Express editions).

The administration console is compatible with all the major browsers.

firefox compatible internet explorer 6 compatible internet explorer 7+ compatible safari compatible opera compatible google chrome compatible

Facebook Authentication Provider

This provider doesn’t work with relative URLs. It fails on /login.aspx URL. So make sure to switch URL Adapter to absolute URLs, so this component will actually receive // which does work.

The Core MemberDirectory module

When using the Friendly URL Option, be aware of using the Core MemberDirectory module. This module contains a hack that makes it incompatible with URL Adapter. The issue and the fix have been described at //

We’ve attached to this page a Hot Fix that will work in DNN 6 and one that will work in DNN 7. Simply open the zip file and copy everything to your website root - it should ask you to overwrite the existing files.

We didn’t test these changes on every DNN version, so if you need to reapply the Hot Fix to a specific version, follow the steps below:

  1. In Member.cs add
     public string ProfileUrl
         get { return DotNetNuke.Common.Globals.NavigateURL(_settings.UserTabId, "", "userId=" + _user.UserID); }
  2. In MemberDirectory.js


     self.ProfileUrl = ko.computed(function () {
         return profileUrl.replace(profileUrlUserToken, self.UserId().toString());
     }, this);


     self.ProfileUrl = ko.observable(item.ProfileUrl);
  3. Optionally remove opts.profileUrl and opts.profileUrlUserToken hack from MemberDirectory.js and View.ascx

  4. Compile and copy the DLL to the website /bin folder and the JS to ~\DesktopModules\MemberDirectory\scripts\MemberDirectory.js
File name Size Download link 16K download 17K download 16K download