Create Auto Login Link

The action will help you create user specific links that when clicked will automatically login the user and redirect to a portal page(or url) specified in the action.

Autologin redirect to page It also gives the option of passing custom data as QueryString parameters which can then be referenced on the target page as [QueryString:parameter_name]

The action allows you to:

  • determine how many times can an autologin link be used. This way you can create auto login links that can be used only once or a couple times or with unlimited usage(default) Autologin Number of logins
  • specify an expiration date for the autologin link so that it will expire regardless if the logins limit was reached or not Autologin expiration time

The output coming from this action will be an url similar to this {SiteAlias}/DesktopModules/AutoLogin/API/AutoLogin?code={code}. It is stored in the token bearing the name written in the Output Token Name inside the action. ([autologin] for the example image below) Auto login link output token name

With the help of the Create Auto Login Link action you can Impersonate Users on your website(login as them without the need of knowing their password) - see video tutorial here.

The action will not create autologin links for Administrators or SuperUsers accounts.