Tabs Pro

Tabs Pro is a module that encapsulates existing page modules inside tabs. It doesn’t matter what type of module - it can be HTML, FAQs, photo galleries, document modules etc.

Why Tabs Pro?

Tabs Pro helps you organize any kind of module inside tabs. A couple of cool features:

  • By simply dragging the tabs or event, you can define the order in which the contained modules will be displayed on the front end.
  • If multiple modules are displayed in the same tab, an option to display the modules in accordion control is available, optimizing the space on the page:

Settings interface:

Key Features

  • Tabbed Layout
  • Tabs Position
  • Multiple modules on a Tab
  • Stack modules in Accordion
  • Tabs with custom URL
  • Easy Administration, Manage Tabs through Tabs
  • Themes
  • And much more.