How to contribute


We are using Github Pages for this site. You need to use GitHub Flavored Markdown

First steps

  1. Create a github account.
  2. Fork our repository and clone it locally using GIT or you can even edit it directly on github.
    • Now you have your own copy at

*Note that if you are going to write the documentation locally, we recommend using Visual Studio Code and those two extensions for markdown: - markdownlint - markdown all in one

  • The menu structure is represented in JSON format. You can find the files in _data/menu folder
  • As you can see, each product has its own JSON file but those are loaded from the main.json

Example - Action Grid in main.json


    "title": "Modules",
    "subpages": [{
        "title": "Action Grid",
        "ref": "actiongrid",
        "url": "/action-grid/index.html"

You can see here that every main product is a child of the object with the title Modules.

The ref property links main.json to the other JSON files; to be used only in this file’s objects.

Every object needs a title property.

The objects that point to pages also have the url property.

To define an expandable object (category), you can define the subpages property which is an array of objects.

Folder structure

  • Each JSON corresponds to a folder. You can find the folders in the root of the project.
  • Each category in the menu corresponds to a sub-folder.
  • Assets like images should be placed inside the folder’s assets sub-folder.