Data Sources

In Action Grid, a data source feeds the grid with data based on user input which includes pagination, filters, search and sorting. The data sources are loaded from configuration files, which means it’s possible to alter how they work or add new custom data sources without needing the Action Grid source code. This is detailed more in the Custom Data Sources section.

Action Grid ships with the following pre built data sources:

Action Form

This provides seamless integration with Action Form modules. Simply select one of the existing Action Form modules, and Action Grid will populate with all form submissions. Behind the scene, this data source caches data in a Lucene index. Read more

Database Table

This data source queries a table for results. This opens dozens of new possibilities, where one can build management modules for existing DNN entities such as users or pages, or for custom tables. Read more

SQL Query

This data source fills the need of managing data that comes from multiple tables or built using complex statements. Note that this data source is not currently heavily optimized and should be used with care, especially with large data sets. Read more

Server Request JSON

This requests a JSON from an API then uses it for generating the grid. Read more

Credential Store Entities

This data soruce brings information from a repository of security data (credentials). A credential can hold user name and password combinations, tickets, or public key certificates. Read more