Send SMS via Clickatell gateway

This action sends SMS to cell numbers, via the Clickatell gateway. It can be used only for Clickatell accounts created November 2016 onwards.

  • Clickatell Api Key - Required. A valid api_key must be passed to clickatell in order to authenticate and establish a session. The value for this mandatory parameter can be found logging in online and going to Dashboard > SMS Integrations. It is the REST API key. Can contain My Tokens.

  • Sender ID - the SMS Sender ID. Leave empty to use the default from the Clickatell website. This is used to add message content. Can contain My Tokens.

  • Phone Number(s) to Send TO - SMS messages need to be sent in the standard international format, with country code followed by number. No leading zero to the number and no special characters such as “+” or spaces must be used. For example, a number in the UK being 07901231234 should be changed to 447901231234.If you use Send Bulk please use one of the following separators:
    • Line feed (“\r”)
    • Carriage Return(“\n”)
    • Line feed with Carriage Return(“\r\n”)
    • Semicolon(”;”)
    • Comma(”,”)

    Can contain My Tokens.

  • Message- The text of the Short Message. This is used to add message content. Can contain My Tokens.

  • Response Token Name - The token name where to store the result received from clickatell. Can contain My Tokens.