Handling HTTP POST requests with a XML body

When a web browser make a request it sends information to the server about what it is looking for in headers. One of these headers is the Content-Type header. The Content-Type header tells the server what file format, or more correctly MIME-type, the browser is looking for. One such type is application/xml. Using this Content-type you are telling the server that the data received from the request is in a XML format and it should be treated accordingly.

Using the Reference option to extract data from XML

The reference option binds a field to a specified XPath expression that will be applied to the body.

The entire input is stored into the [RawInput] Token.


A request is made to API Endpoint using the following URL: example.com/DesktopModules/DnnSharp/DnnApiEndpoint/Api.ash?method=PostOrder

Having the header:

Content-Type application/xml

and with the following body:


Say we want to create a field named ItemName that will hold the value that is in the <Item> node. To achieve this, create a field, name it ItemName and in the Reference field type the XPath to the node. In our example, this is Order/Items/Item. Now, whenever you use the token associated with this field (i.e. [ItemName]), you get the value that was passed in the node (i.e. SmallSoda).

If the reference option is left empty DnnApiEndpoint returns the value based on the field name.