Besides My Tokens, Redirect Toolkit supports the following tokens in places such as the URL provided for the Redirect to URL option:

  • PortalUrl
    This is the path relative to portal root. It does not include virtual dir, child portal or locale part.

  • LocalizedUrl
    This is same as PortalUrl, except it also includes the locale part, if any.

  • Locale
    This is the current locale that exists in the URL. Note that if it doesn’t exist in the URL, it defaults to the default locale.

  • Extension
    The file extension, such as .aspx.

  • Scheme
    http:// or https://

  • PortalAlias
    The current portal alias that can be extracted from the URL.

  • QueryString
    Contains the query string prefixed with ?. If nothing is in query string, then this token is empty.

  • RelativeUrl
    The URL relative to the domain root. This includes the virtual dir, child portal, locale part, path and query string.

  • AbsoluteUrl
    This is the absolute URL. It includes the scheme, alias, locale, path and query string.