Getting Started with NavXP

NavXp is a DotNetNuke component that handles navigation. It was designed for multiple purposes. In a simple scenario it renders the hierarchy of pages you have in your portal. At this point you can use of our themes or create your own to reflect your vision. You can take one step further and bring your ideas into action by creating custom menus using Profiles.

In more advanced scenarios, NavXp can render a custom hierarchy you define with drag and drop operations from pages in your portal; the hierarchy itself can be different for various roles. You can read more about this in Profiles.

Note that we described NavXp as a DNN component. This is because NavXp can be used either as a module or as a skin object. If you want to use NavXP as a module, just drag it to the desired page just like any other module.If you intend to use it as a skin object (replace the default DNN menu), check the “NavXP as a skin object”.