DMX SearchBoost add-on

This add-on gets the files (no other type of content) from Document Exchange module and enables SearchBoost to index and search through the content.

To index DMX files you have to select which DMX folders you want to index in Portals -> Folders -> Document Exchange (DMX). You should see in Dashboard -> Portal files the number of indexed DMX files, e.g.: 10 (7 from DMX).


  • You may see a DMX folder in Portals -> Folders. You shouldn’t use this but instead leave it unchecked and use the Document Exchange (DMX) - this is using the special integration. Advantages: much faster and this indexes private files also (of course, for authorized roles).
  • If you select a synchronized DMX folder and also check it in Portal -> Folders then this will be indexed twice.
  • The integration indexes all types of files for which there is support. You can check what are the supported file types by taking a look at File Types section checkboxes (it doesn’t matter if it is checked or unchecked, it matters if it is enabled or not).
  • At the moment the special folder always show (0 items). We will correct this in the next release.

Heads up:

  • You will see in the DMX_Log sql table some activity because of our integration: one entry for each file, every hour, with Action=Download and UserId=1. This happens because SearchBoost needs to gather all DMX content and only when the user makes a search it will filter content not authorized for the search user (as per DMX permissions).


  • SearchBoost 3.1.85+ <=> DMX Add-on 1.0.13+ (this means: if you have SearchBoost version 3.1.85 or greater than you must DMX add-on version at least 1.0.13 & if you have DMX Add-on 1.0.13+ then you must have SearchBoost version at least 3.1.85)
  • SearchBoost 3.1.2+ <=> DMX Add-on 1.0.0+