Embed a Google Map by specifying coordinates. Read more about this gadget at //


  • [1 of 2 required] String Address Google Maps will try to match this address to coordinates.
  • [1 of 2 required] String Coords Longitude and Latidue separated by comma, for example “43.078527,-79.075813”.


  • [Geo:GoogleMap(Address=”(Literal String)”,Coords=”(Literal String)”)]

To test the token, click Test Token button below and replace parameters (if any) with actual values.


  • [Geo:GoogleMap]

Embed map with no parameters which usually displays the city the visitor comes from.

  • [Geo:GoogleMap(Address=”DotNetNuke Corp., 155 Bovet Road, Suite 201, San Mateo, California, 94402, USA”)]

Embeds map of given address, in this case the address of DotNetNuke Corporation.

  • [Geo:GoogleMap(Coords=”43.078527,-79.075813”)]

Opens google map to Niagara Falls using coordinates.