Easily Download Debug Information

In case there is a problem and you need to contact us, we made it super easy to share with us the logs and other debug information. There are 3 separate buttons for General Info, Instance Index and Log Files:

These buttons gets some info or archives some files from the server. At the moment it gets the following information:

  • Server information and SearchBoost state - file GeneralInfo.txt;
  • SearchBoost log files and DNN log files - file Logs.zip;
  • The SearchBoost index (if it exists) - file Index.zip - keep in mind that by sharing this file you are giving us access to all the informations SearchBoost is indexing;

So every time you have a problem you can easily get this files and send us what we probably need to solving your problem.

Important note: Many times it helps to log a little extra, especially when there are no obvious errors. So to do that you can set logging to ‘Debug mode’ (Logging). After this reproduce the problem again.

NOTE: If you can not access SearchBoost settings page you can use this direct url to download General Info:

{host}/DesktopModules/DnnSharp/SearchBoost/AdminApi.ashx?method=DownloadDebugInfo&_alias={portalAlias}&_mid=-1&instanceId={SearchBoostInstanceId = ModuleId}.

For older versions (starting with 3.00.55 and until 3.1.21) there was only one button “Download Debug Info!”. This should download all 3 files described above but some browsers might block the second and third files from downloading. For example in Google Chrome: