• Administrators in Edit Mode see all tabs, even if they contain no modules
  • On View Mode, empty tabs are hidden, unless the Show Empty option is enabled
  • Module headers are always visible in Edit Mode, so admins can access the module actions
  • Modules that are contained in panels are managed using standard DNN capabilities

To begin with the Admin rights, there are two differences at the level of what is displayed for Admin users vs. non-admin users. While you’re logged with admin account, and you create tabs which are empty, they will be displayed on the page while you’re in edit mode - beware that when you’re in non-edit mode it’s normal to not have the empty tabs displayed.

With non-admin account, if you want to see the empty tabs, you depend on the “Show Empty Tabs” option, therefore, it must be checked in order to see the them.

Another Admin benefit is the Advanced Setting list, this is displayed for Admin users only because on the Advanced Settings list we have several options which can easily break Tabs Pro.

As Admin, you have the possibility to edit each type of modules you add on the page and you can also edit them even when they are enclosed in a tab by using the Manage Tabs option which is displayed on the right module action side of the page.