Tags Input

The Tag Input field allows users to type a list of keywords and an autocomplete suggestion list is displayed while typing matching values.

On submit, it will generate a comma-delimited list of tag and the following tokens are available: [<FieldName>] (which yields the value), [<FieldName>:Text], [<FieldName>:Value].


  • Datasource
    • Choose from existing data sources or provide values into the Item List area; Input one item per line. If you need to provide different text and value, then separate them by pipe. Can contain My Tokens.
  • Initial Tags

    • Comma delimited list with tags to load into the control initially. Supports My Tokens so you can pull data from various sources such as user profile.
  • Limit Number of Tags

    • this option limits the number of tags which a user is allowed to submit. Supports My Tokens.
  • Limit Number of Suggestions

    • this option limits the number of typeahead suggestions that appear in the suggestions panel. Supports My Tokens.