File Management

From now on, you can more easily manage your files by packing/unpacking certain folders or all, rapidly get file names or transfer through FTP. Due to its extensive range of compatibilities, you can basically consider yourself stress-free when it comes to file management.

As you already know, File Management is an add-on, so it must to be used along with one of the following modules:

  • Action Form;
  • Action Grid;
  • Infobox;
  • Sharp Scheduler;
  • Dnn API EndPoint.

As long as you already own one of the above modules, you can install the Portal Management add-on using the DNN installer and you’re all set. For this add-on, you must use .NET 4.5+, SQL 2012+ and DNN 8.0.4+ . It is compatible with Action Form (3.8.228+)(recommended 5.X.XXX+), Action Grid (4.0.136+)(recommended 5.X.XXX+), Infobox (1.1.45+)(recommended 5.X.XXX+), Sharp Scheduler (2.1.53+)(recommended 5.X.XXX+), Dnn API EndPoint (1.2.54+)(recommended 5.X.XXX+).