SQL Query Datasource

When Using SQL Select as Datasource for a multiple choice field, the columns selected will be automatically assigned as follows:

  • first column represents the Text (what is shown to the user)
  • second column represents the Value (the back-end value of the field)

unless otherwise specified in the SQL Query (more details below).

A valid datasource for the SQL Query datasource type will look like:

SELECT Username FROM Table SELECT Username,Id FROM Table
when you want to show the username to the user and the value behind it to be the username as well when you want to show the username to the user and the id to be the value behind the username

SELECT Username,Id FROM Table will generally result in Username being the Text and Id being the value. This can be overridden by specifying which one is the Text and whcih one is the Value as follows: SELECT Username as Value,Id as Text FROM Table.

for situations in which one of the columns included in the SQL Query is named Value or Text it will be considered literally the Value or the Text for the multiple choice field.