Server Request (JSON) Datasource

The feature is available starting with modules released after 10th of May 2019 (Action Form 5.0.540)

This datasource type allows you to use an API:

  • either internal (your own) built with DNN API endpoint module
  • or external (3rd party) from any webservice you might want to integrate with

as source of data for your multiple choice fields.

Server Request JSON Datasource for Multiple choice fields

The output of the API whould be a valid JSON list (an array of objects) similar to:

  • either directly an array
      "UserId": "8",
      "FirstName": "Name1"
    }, {
      "UserId": "5",
      "FirstName": "SomeName"
  • or the array is a value of one of the JSON parameters, situation in which you will need to provide the correct JSON path to the array ($.results or results)
      "timestamp": "19:55",
      "date": "2019-05-20",
      "results": "[{\"UserId\":\"8\",\"FirstName\":\"Name1\"},    {\"UserId\":\"5\",\"FirstName\":\"SomeName\"}]"

    As for all datasources, it is also based on Text|Value and you will have to:

  • either name the JSON properties as Text/Value
  • or specify in the multiple choice field settings which JSON property to be used as Text and which one to be used as Value (see example in the image above)